Cache Plugin on Wordpress with Cloudfalre Cache

I have a wordpress website, and i have installed other cache plugin. I have seen that cloudflare is offering its cache system. I am confused that my cache plugin will still work or i have to do something else to use that plugin?

Both are good. A WordPress cache plugin pre-generates pages for quicker delivery. Cloudflare cache stores static files at the edge.

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but if enable cloudflare cache, will wordpress plugin support working ?

Both should be turned on and they will both help your site. Which plugin is it?

WP Rocket, and the for one other website i am using wp fastest cache. Please give me review for both
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve used WP Fastest Cache a lot. It works great with Cloudflare in default configuration. I’ve not used WP Rocket (I envy you for using it, as I hear it’s awesome).

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Thank you Sdayman, Its loved to see your quickly response, you are really helpful. Have a Great Day :slight_smile:

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