Cache performance issue UK, JPG's are not converted to WebP

Hi, We’re trying to isolate a Cache performance issue. We found that cache performace filtered just for Country UK, a large number of JPG’s are not being converted to WebP. Filtering by country Singapore and there is a high Webp hit rate. Any help would be much appreciated thanks. I’ve added screenshots for UK performance.

The Singapore performance shows over 80% Webp hits

here is the Singapore performance:

Do you think that this is a load balancing issue?

Cache is maintained on a per colo basis. Your requests in the UK have a ~=33% cache miss rate vs. ~= .03% for a much higher traffic colo. WebP conversion by Cloudflare is possible on cached assets.

When an image is fetched from your origin, our systems automatically optimize it in Cloudflare’s cache. Subsequent requests for the same image will get the smaller, faster, optimized version of the image, improving the speed of your website.