Cache percentage low


I have got a site on CF where the percent cached is 14%.

This site was cloned from another site I have and that was has a cache of around 90%. Have checked all settings in IIS and web.config, but there are no other settings for caching in there.

Compared both sites in CF and all settings are the same. Also purged cache, but it just sits at around 14%.

Any ideas appreciated.



Hi, it’s

Your resources seem to be all cached, however your main document is not. Is it supposed to? If so, your server is probably sending some headers which prevent Cloudflare from caching.

Thanks Sandro

When you say main document, do you mean the main master page template that all the pages use?

Yes it is supposed to be cached.

Checked server and don’t think I am sending any headers preventing it. Had a check and can’t see anything.


The main HTML document, the one at root. Currently its caching status is BYPASS, so you either configured some page rule on Cloudflare or one of your headers tells Cloudflare not to cache.

The latter you need to check yourself, particularly pay attention to caching headers. For the former, post a screenshot of your page rules.

There were no page rules originally, but I added one this morning when testing to say cache everything.

See below.


That would mean it should cache everything. As it doesnt, it will be a header on your server side, check there.

Cheers. Checked everywhere on the server/IIS and in code. Can’t see anywhere it’s being cached or any caching headers are being sent.

May have found something. Will have a test and let you know. Cheers

Hi, found something in the web.config, removed that, but still the same percentage, actually gone a little bit too.

Would you feel comfortable sharing your server IP address here?

Sorry no. Having our IP exposed is the reason why we moved to CF in the first place. Appreciate you are trying to help though.

At the start of the thread you said that the site cache was BYPASS. Do you see that now?


Yep, it still is.

If you felt more comfortable sharing the IP in private, you could also run a check with it at and then post the time here, so I can dig it out.

Cheers, what are you using to see BYPASS?

Used fiddler and compared to another site (whose caching works well) and they look the same.

Its the regular response header in your browser.

Whats the other site?

CF has this cached at over 90%.

Pretty much identical sites code/structure wise.

This one isnt cached either, but its status suggests it is not even supposed to be cached.

hmmm, it’s odd that CF caches that one at 90% and the other at 14% with the same caching info on the site.

Might be also related to the other resources, however on the first site it did appear as if most resources were cached anyhow. You could check this yourself and browse your site to check which resources are returned from the cache and which arent. That might shed some light.