Cache only Blog in a Directory

Hello Cloudflare community,

I have a social media website in that is not compatible with Cloudflare because of cache issue. but I have a News Blog in where I want to use Cloudflare cache ONLY.

How can I cache only, and Bypass and all the contents from the social media site ?

Note: I just want to cache the News Blog Directory.

You should be able to do this with Cache Rules.

The traffic would still go through Cloudflare, but you could bypass the cache.

I’d use the new Cache Rules: First create a rule that bypasses the cache for* and then create a rule for* that enables the cache.

Or you could use the classic Page Rules, in which case you would put the* rule first.

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Thanks a lot. In this order:* - ByPass* - Cache Everything


Yes, if you’re using Cache Rules, then that’s the correct order. Last match’s settings win.


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