cache of file is not removed

Cache of file is not removed. I changed in file but my changes are not showing in frontend.

I already purged cache of this file:- When I pause cloud cache for my website then updated file is showing in frontend.

I’m seeing a HIT with an age of 48226

Sometimes when you do a Purge by URL, it may say success…because it it executed the command, but that doesn’t mean it purged what you think you wanted to purge. I’d hate to suggest a Purge Everything, as that wipes everything out, but you may have to try that just see if it’s an account problem.

I purged whole website cache but still haven’t had any success. Any other suggestions? How are we able to tell if it’s an account issue?

Please try to purge just this particular URL, not the whole page.

This happens for me sometimes aswell. The problem in my case is:

when you purge and request the file multiple times it sometimes does not get purged.

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