Cache not working Wordpress

I’m having issues with the Cache for website:

Based on all settings in Cloudflare, everything should run fine.

I have Super Page Cache for Cloudflare installed on my wordpress site, also enabled Cache Reserve with Smart Tiered Caching Topology.

Also have APCu as object cache plugin installed.

When I check the page cache on it shows that the website is none cached.

Any clue what this might be?

thank you

This caching plugin isn’t the official one.

Did you checked if your hosting provider supports the APCu module for the PHP you’re running in the backend, and if it is enabled at your origin host/server? :thinking:

From the HTTP headers, above everything, I can see you’re also using the Cloudflare APO for WordPress.

cache-control: max-age=14400
cf-apo-via: origin,miss
cf-cache-status: EXPIRED
x-cache-status: MISS

There might be some conflict with each other.
I’d temporary disable Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin.
Clear the cache at the origin host.
Purge the cache at Cloudflare.
Test and see what happens with the cf-cache-status and cf-apo-via HTTP headers.

Nevertheless, x-cache-status header comes from the origin host itself.

Kindly, consider asking your hosting provider if there is some origin cache in between for further troubleshooting.