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I’m testing performance of my website on GTMetrix and its showing an old version of my website with a photo that I deleted 2 days ago. I have deleted all caches on the website and on Cloudflare but to no avail. When I turn Cloudflare OFF the GTMetrix works fine. Then I turn Cloudflare back on and GTMetrix again shows an old cached version of my website. I have purged the caches a million times, not sure what else can be done to remove Cloudflare’s old cached copy of my website. This is not the first time I’ve had a caching issue with Cloudflare. Any help will be appreciated.

What’s the URL, and can you include a screenshot of the old content you’re seeing?

Check below. On the current website there is no photo at the top of the page.

There’s an x-proxy-cache (HIT) in the response header from GTMetrix. That’s coming from your server. And there’s no cf-cache-status header, which would be Cloudflare’s cache.

A global test of your site also shows the image. But not from my own browser when I visit. The global test shows it’s not a Cloudflare cache issue, because Cloudflare datacenters have independent caches.

When you say you “turn Cloudflare OFF”, how are you doing this?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant I was using the option “Pause Cloudflare on Site”. When I paused the site, GTMetrix picked up the correct version. When I unpaused it, the photo reappeared.

In that case, DNS isn’t the problem. It doesn’t explain why GTMetrix gets an x-proxy-cache header, but my browser does not.

Can you disable your WordPress caching plugin? Or maybe that’s coming from a cache on your server. Are you running an NGINX cache?

I have disabled the wordpress caching plugin. I’m not aware of any caching on the server but I will check with the hosting provider.

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I talked to the hosting provider and they said they were caching the website in the background which comes into effect when there is a problem with the website. They said they found an issue with two different versions of php on the website which is why the cached version was being shown. I don’t know if this is correct or just an excuse but they cleared their cache and the problem resolved. Perhaps time to move to a better hosting provider.

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I’m glad it’s fixed, but that was sure weird that it wasn’t showing the same site to everybody.

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