Cache not purged


I recently removed a page from my site and purged my cache. However, certain users in India are still seeing the old cached version of the page before the purge.

Is it possible that purging the cache is not always 100% successful, or that I may need to do it twice?

Hi @ismaelyws, that is odd. Can you have the users that are seeing this clear their browser cache, try from an incognito window, or try on a mobile device (or desktop if they are on mobile already).


Yes, I find this odd as well. I will ask them to do this.

Is it possible that the cache hasn’t been cleared from all Cloudflare servers? It has been several days so technically it should.

Thank you, I suspect it’s something local to their machine, but that they are in India, it is possible there is a common issue with one of the data centers. Can you have them also go to and share the results here? That will tell us which data center they are hitting.

Sounds good, I will do that @cloonan


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