Cache Not Clearing


Here is my situation:

On WordPress
Installed and Activated New Theme
Theme looks fine when logged in.
Upon logging out, part of the website (sometimes the homepage, sometimes the inner pages, revert back to the old theme)
I have deleted every cache that I know you delete.

  • browser
  • DNS
  • Plugin
  • Server side
  • Purge everything with cloudflare

The issue persists.

When I bypass cloudflare, the issue resolves.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


That is not the right output?

I presume you mean logging out from the administrative area, right? Could it be that you cache anything in that case on Cloudflare? Do you have page rules active on Cloudflare?

Correct, when logging out from the backend admin dashboard, the strange things start happening. I haven’t been able to find a pattern, but sometimes the homepage loads with the new theme (the one you see above). And sometimes it loads with the old theme.

If I click around within the inner-pages and posts, the old theme will show up eventually.

I don’t know if I have page rules active?

Post a screenshot of

What about the earlier screenshot? Is that the correct design or not?

What about this?

The latest one you sent is the told theme (which is not correct). Below is a screenshot of my page rules:

*old theme, not told theme

You are not caching any HTML, only the default files. My guess would be it is something on your server, maybe disable all plugins and then check one-by-one.

Disable all of my plugins, then see if it loads correctly? Then reactivate one by one?


On how many servers does your site run, respectively how many IP addresses have you configured on Cloudflare?

Only one to my knowledge

I seem to have found at least two. One ending in 64 and one ending in 177.

I’m not technical enough to know. I only know that I’ve put in one IP address that ends in 77. My host has only ever given me the one that ends in 77.

Which nameservers did Cloudflare assign to you?

Alright, these are the correct nameservers. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? Redact the IP addresses if you want. Also, is it 177 or 77?