Cache not clearing regulary

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NO error number

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NO error message

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Cache not clearing when content has been updated

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Our site updates images for our rental properties every night. All images are deleted and reuploaded daily at about 4am. This is done because there are images which are newly updated or changed regularly. On the server side, we delete all the images and then reupload them. However, we are experiencing an issue with cloudflare now where the images are showing up as a black screen or blank. Clearing the cloudflare cache manually resolves the issue. We are not sure why this is happening but could use any advice on settings.

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you facing.

When you experience this issue, are you able to share a screenshot of your browsers developer tools > network tab and show us the response headers for one of the images that is coming up blank - like so:

My initial thought is this could be one of two things possibly causing this:

  • APO (Automatic Platform Optimization)
  • Polish

You could go through a process of elimination and try disable one of these features at a time, and see if you still see the issue, that will narrow down the scope of what we could be looking for.


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