[Cache] Network performance issue in Delhi - Mumbai region

Hey, we have been facing slowness when requesting a static resource (files, images) etc from India (Delhi- Mumbai) location but when the same is requested from Canada or outside of India, the response is instant.

Attached below is the GT metrix report, where the same file is returned as Cache Hit from cloudflare but with huge difference in response time.

This is affecting our pagespeed and gtmetrix score and in turn slowing the site speed.

Domain : kartmax.in and its sub-domain

Affected sample URL : https://docket.kartmax.in/sites/StAFxmqh5LfPz3ZQSdCh/ttf-font/Montserrat-Regular-0ac4c4cc-dcdf-44c4-bc4b-d62448c989c6.ttf