Cache MISS when server says it's been requested


I have endpoints that are being requested on server, but then if I request the endpoint after, it’s saying MISS.

How is that possible? If it’s hit the server then cloudflare should cache from that point onwards untill TTL is expired.

So I purchased analytics and ran my deployment again, this is like the 5th time, so with a TTL of 4 hours, in theory all endpoints should be cached by now, as all are from the same location and IP.

However, I got a 7.5k MISS and 3k HIT, as such the server fell over with errors. That’s a 70+% miss rate, even though I’ve ran this multiple times in the last 4 hours and there were no expired.

I re-ran 10 minutes later and got a better result 9k HIT and 1.5k MISS. As such server didn’t fall over and site deployed successfully.

I guess my question is why are these requests missing? Surely everything should HIT after running through all endpoints within 4 hours.

There’s only actually 3 endpoints and then 10k query string variations.

Any tips? What’s normal.

Cache is not guaranteed for the amount of time. If it is not frequently accessed, then it will be removed for other content that is.

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