Cache Miss Increase


On the 21st of October we noticed that our rates of cache misses seemed to have increased.

Looking at the dashboard over 30 days you can really see a big drop in % cached as well, we have been in the ~97% cached ratio but now it has dropped down to ~70%.

I don’t think we have changed anything on our end.

Any thoughts on why this has started to happen and how we can try and get our cache ratio back to 97%?

Thanks in advance,

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Seeing the same thing here. I have a pretty standard static site hosted by GitHub Pages. Starting the 21st my cache rate dropped noticeably from about ~80% to ~40% with files being evicted from the cache randomly. No configuration changes on my end.

Perhaps Cloudflare is intentionally dialing down the quality of its free caching service in order to upsell us on the new, paid caching tier.

@OBU That is very interesting, I reached out to support to ask for their advice and they told me to look at Cache Reserve, I didn’t actually notice that it just came out of Beta. I hope that it’s not the case that Cloudflare is doing something funky like that.

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Hi, can you please DM your zone name and one url where the problem is seen and I can take a look

Was this resolved? Got the same thing on the same date, Oct 21 2023. I’ve had a cache hit rate of ~99% for YEARS, until it suddenly dropped to about 60% with no changes on my end. I enabled the Cache Reserve, which made it drop even further. Purged the entire cache after that, and it’s now sitting at about 50%. I’ll be bleeding thousands of dollars a month at this rate.