Cache miss from some geo/locations while Cache hit from other geo/locations

Cache miss from some geographies/locations while Cache hit from other geo/locations.

I am using CF on my website

I did performance testing using this tool -

I can see in the HTTP response headers that for some locations, its giving a CF-Cache-Status = MISS;
while for others, its giving a CACHE HIT.

Evidence is attached.

I did the performance test again to see if it turns to a HIT. But still, a few of them gave a cache MISS.

Once the content is cached at “any” CF Edge location, it should give a Cache Hit irrespective of location.

From the user point of view, the content is cached, so it should be Cache hit from any location, not just from 1 CF Edge location.

Why fetch the content from Origin Server ? If content is not present in nearest CF Edge location, CF should internally route the request to other Edge locations and get it from there, instead of getting it from Origin server again ?

Why is CF working this way ?
Is this happening because I am on a FREE plan ?
How does CF handle internal cache routing in such cases ?
Should it have a different CF-Cache-status value (other than MISS) in such cases ?

Kindly review and advise.

Using the tool you provided it showed a HIT for all locations for

But yes, in general, the FREE tier has lower cache priority than other plans, it’s quite possible that content is being evicted from CF PoP Cache to make space for Pro/Business/Enterprise customers

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