Cache miss from different IP addresses

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How can I know how many bandwidth used by Cloudflare from my server?

After some research, I have new developments (new question) on this issue.

My Page Rule Settings:

And I have a few proxy servers for testing CDN caching, includes Hong Kong, Japan, US, etc…

  1. Now I use the Hong Kong proxy server (in other words, use a Hong Kong IP address) to download file at, the cf-cache-status is MISS. Good, this is as expected.
  2. I use the same Hong Kong IP to download app.exe again, the cf-cache-status is HIT. Good, this is as expected, too.
  3. Now I use a Japan IP to download app.exe, the cf-cache-status is MISS. Why? Wasn’t it was cached?

Each colo has it’s own cache. When a cacheable resource is fetched from a colo in Hong Kong, it will be only be cached in the Hong Kong colo. If a visitor connects through a colo in Japan, Cloudflare will still request the resource from your origin. You could enable Tiered Cache to reduce the number of requests that reach your origin.

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Forgive my ignorance, what is colo?

Co-Location, a common term to describe a shared hosting facility. A Cloudflare Data Center essentially. Sometimes called a POP (Point of Presence)


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