Cache Limitation

Just wanted to some (mis)conception here :

1- Is there some limitation on Cloudflare Cache for a site. For instance, a number of items, pages, or size limits?
2- I have a website with about 17000 pages. If, for instance, I run a cache warmer that hits every page on my website, will every page be on Cloudflare cache?
3- I see that I can set the browser cache TTL, But what about the Cloudflare cache itself ( edge cache ?).
4- By default Cloudflare does not cache HTML except if I create a custom page rule with a wildcard (* ) with the “Cache Everything” option. Am I right?

I don’t have specifics for all of these, but yes there are limits. Files are removed from cache if they’re not accessed often, and this happens at edge servers individually. So, it’s possible that a file is popular enough to stay cached in Australia, for example, but the same file will frequently be in and out of cache at other edge servers where you have fewer visitors.

I don’t know how Cloudflare will react to a cache warmer… I think they sell a similar feature in one of the high-end subscriptions. I guess it depends how aggressive it is.

You can use cache-control HTTP headers on your origin server for TTL other than browser cache.

Page rules don’t work with APO enabled at the moment, but that will work for HTML without APO from what I’ve heard.

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