Cache level on search results return link

Hi, I think this is a simple question but I just do not understand the cache-level settings after reading the docs.

I have a page that displays 1,000,000+ records paginated. So I want this initial page cached and it is. On this page there is a search form that returns a filtered view of the records. So from the original result to say 300 records. You can then click a record to go to the page view. BUT I just noticed when you hit the return to results button your search is wiped because the page returned is cached.
Also, when you do the filtered query the pagination takes you back to the cached version as well.

Do I need to turn off the cache on the results page? Or can I use Cache level combined with adding a string to the url that prevents the return of the cached page when you go back to the results page or when using pagination. I hope this makes sense.

By default, Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages – just static files like JS, CSS, and Images.

Have you added a Page Rule to set a Cache Everything for anything? If so, then a screenshot of it would help us determine the issue.

these are my base settings for everything.
above that i have a few bypass pages.
So I am trying to figure out if I should bypass the results page as well and people just live with a slow load time or if i can add something to make it so on first load it returns cached but if you hit from the single record page back to the results list that returns a not cached version, or if that is even possible. Thank you for your help!

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