Cache Level: Bypass and static cache

while using page rules for WordPress site, for example website/wp-*
if Cache Level is set to Bypass, does that applies to dynamic cache ?
or it will also exclude static files from being cached ?

It will exclude HTML from cache and that is dynamic content

so static files are still cached
Do you know any documentation to confirm this ?

in the documentation: Bypass - Cloudflare does not cache.
Standard - Caches all static content that has a query string.

So does it mean does not cache static files as well ?

HTML is not cached by default (you need to create a page rule with Cache Everything). If you set to Bypass, nothing will be cached.

that is not my question.

when you use a page rule to bypass cache does that mean even static files will not be cached ?

the goal is : full page cache for all pages except few only static cache

If the Page Rule matches a URL (HTML, Image, CSS, JS), it won’t cache. In other words, you can even Bypass Cache for images.

It sounds like there are a few specific URLs (for pages) you want Bypassed. That would require several Page Rules.


I have custom sign in page and another for registration. I am afraid caching those might cause issues for users trying to login

If you have a sign in, I advise against any page caching unless you have a way to bypass caching with a login cookie. Once someone is signed in, any other page they go to will be cached for all to see.

If it’s just those two pages that are affected, then you can cache the rest safely. Three rules:

  1. Sign-in Page URL: Bypass Cache
  2. Registration Page URL: Bypass Cache
  3.*: Cache Level (Everything), Edge Cache TTL (x number of hours or days)