Cache issues with Ezoic

Hi, I am having this error

Error 520

Ray ID: 67eb9a532adc127f • 2021-08-14 16:36:34 UTC

Web server is returning an unknown error

I am sure there is a conflict with Ezoic.
I am using WP ROCKET and Vanish at the hosting provider level.

Can you help me?

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I am sorry to hear that, but from my experience(s) this or any other similar combination “with cache” cannot work while having the “eZoic” ads (even the WordPress plugin which itself is codded to disable and prevent all the Caching plugins to work for WordPress and other Cache options setup at Cloudflare).

Here is my post about the files where the above is specified:

Regarding WP Rocket, kindly may I ask have you checked the steps from the below articles?:

From this link:

Additional optimization features implemented by caching plugins such as WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache , WP Fastest Cache, LiteSpeed, Swift Performance Cache, SG Optimizer etc. must also be turned off (note that caching can be left on unless you are WordPress integrated, in which case this should also be turned off unless you are using one of the three italicized plugins).

While using only “eZoic cache”, here is the link how to setup propperly (hopefully):

To be more confused, back in 2019 eZoic stated from this article:

WP-Rocket is compatible with Ezoic. When used properly with Ezoic nameservers integration, and Ezoic’s caching app, sites can often see considerable improvements in website speed.

Meaning, you would have to integrate Cloudflare through eZoic, change your domain nameservers to their eZoic nameservers, and not using any WordPress cache plugins, and somewhat it should work just like that? :crazy_face: :thinking: :roll_eyes:

In 2019 one statement, 2020 second, 2021 third - so I really do not know if this actually works :see_no_evil:

I suggest to disable them both at first, therefore go step-by-step to fix the issue.

If this combination would somehow work, you would have to:

  1. Configure Cloudflare and eZoic
  2. Configure WP rocket with Cloudflare
  3. Configure Varnish with Cloudflare

Unfortunately, there are also topics here where people try to setup eZoic and have issues with it. While using :search:, I’ve found this:

Otherwise, kindly check your origin host/server connection, and if Cloudflare is allowed to connect:

Either, the SSL settings, just in case:

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