Cache issue, website is messed up

Hi I am Navdeep,

My website is on Cloudflare, facing one issue several times.

The website design keeps getting messed up automatically, but when I purge the cache, it looks good again. However, after a few days, the issue reoccurs, and I have to repeat the same process.

Hi @deepakg,

Do you have any cache rules or Page Rules (important: this product is deprecated, read more here set up currently?

Can you provide the site domain?


HI @oliver4,

Thanks for your reply.

I checked I think I have not set any cache rule - Screenshot by Lightshot

Domain -


@deepakg, can you run a Trace to output all rules executed on affected URLs?

It would also help to record a HAR file and console log when the website design is not rendered as expected, this could help to narrow down which requests are involved in causing this issue.

@deepakg Nice site.

You don’t have any of your site cached with Cloudflare. Which also means your not taking full advantage of cloudflare either. But can come back to that after finding your existing issue.

Do you have any Page Rules (important: this product is deprecated, read more here set up?

@deepakg Its likely in this case this is not being caused by Cloudflare.

I have found this error on your site which could be a cause and It would be best to go to your developer for your site to help with this.

Once fixed, I would highly recommend using Cloudflare cache rules which will speed your site up and reduce your server load.

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Could you please explain what this error is, because I don’t think so this is the cause of my website messed up.

As we purge the cache from Cloudflare then it was fixed.

I’m afraid that would need technical web developer to help with debugging what the issue is.

When you say fixed? Can you show what the broken layout issue is?

I can’t see anything that looks broken currently to replicate what you are seeing.

@oliver4 @ncano,
My issue - My site is messed up automatically 2-3 times in a day and when I purge the cache from Cloudflare, it is fixed. So you can not see a messed up website.

I need to solve this issue, and till now I have not set any cache rules.


Hi @deepakg

Which page gets messed up?

Can you show a screen shot of it messed up?

I can’t see anything broken.

Hi there, in addition to what other users and my peer have asked yo to provide:

  • Trace
  • HAR File
  • Console Log output
  • Screenshots of the faulty state on your website

I’d like to ask if you are using another Caching mechanism besides Cloudflare. We strongly suggest implementing only one mechanism for to cache content since multiple systems working at the same time can cause conflicts.

At the moment I can see 2 more cache headers that are not from Cloudflare:

< x-proxy-cache: MISS
< x-proxy-cache-info: 0301 NC:000000 UP:

And then there is ours that is getting the requests from the origin:

< cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

Could you please make sure that you are only using Cloudflare’s caching method?