Cache Issue: Site Users Don't See Progress in Real Time

Hello guys,
I have a rather strange issue on my site which I am sure is caused by caching. I was able to narrow it down to Cloudflare’s cache as I disabled all other caching both serverside and onsite.

I sell online courses and my users study and take quizzes on my site.

Sometimes, after subscribing to a course and try to access it, they are told to subscribe even though they already did. Other times, after taking a quiz and trying to progress to the next lesson, they are told to complete the quiz for the previous lesson before they can access the current one. The issue is that my users purchase the courses yet they are treated like they haven’t. They take the quizzes and get pass marks but yet they are treated like they haven’t yet taken it.

I am sure this is a caching issue. Excluding the lesson and quiz pages from cache is not an option for me, because those are basically the only pages on my site. It is as good as not utilizing cache at all.

Any help will be appreciated please.

Thank you.

Are you saying you created a Cache Everything page rule for your entire site? That would certainly be a problem for logged in users. Otherwise, post a URL we can check to be sure.

Thanks for your reply sdayman. I didn’t create a Cache Everything page rule for the entire site. I haven’t created any page rules on Cloudflare at all.

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