Cache Issue : Is there any option to reflect changes instantly?


We host a news website and this requires us to constantly keep updating our website content ( including data and images,javascripts,css files etc). We need these changes to be reflected as soon as possible. We are currently purging the cache after every upload to see the changes. We have tried enabling the development mode, however this comes with an expiry period and doesn’t prove much useful as we have constant uploads. Is there any other option other than purging the cache manually and switching to development mode that will help us reflect our changes instantly.

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Well, there is configuring Cache-Control headers correctly such that the caching lasts only a predefined amount of time (or not at all) depending on the type of content requested. This requires changing headers at the origin.

Usually HTML content is not cached by default, though.


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You can create a Page Rule for particular URL pattern set to bypass cache. This is used often for longer periods of development or as a permanent setting in some scenarios.

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