Cache isn't purged for users from the Netherlands

For the past week or so we’ve been accumulating incidents from users that complain that the static file version on their website doesn’t reflect the version that they created using our builder.

When we test their website from our end we are able to view the most current file that is fetched from Cloudflare. No issues for us. This is not a local cache issue as we asked the users to check the file using other devices and they reported the see same results.

We noticed that all incidents have something in common - all originate from Dutch users that come from the same geo. Is there a chance that the manual cache purge API does not purge the cache in some regions?
Perhaps someone else here encountered a similar caching issue that affects a specific geo?

Much thanks,

Possible for sure, but rather unlikely.

I assume you are referring to the AMS PoP, right? Would you have a sample URL which seemingly does not update?

Thanks for your help here sandro!
Take for example.
I just purged it from my end

Just tried it via a Dutch connection and that URL was just cached a few seconds ago.

I’ll ask the users to share the response headers details with me and I’ll followup here if anything looks off.

Downloaded it from different locations and it always has the same MD5 hash (094EB653C74C645CC74EFEADC62882A2).

Shouldn’t be a cache issue in that case.

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