Cache is hitting in GTMetrix but missing in Webpagetest reports

When I am running the benchmark of my website speed on GTMetrix, it shows cache status as HIT
But when I am running the speed test benchmark on, it shows cache status MISS for first two runs and HIT on the third run.
I ran the GTMetrix test first. And then

Why is the cache status shown as MISS?

Here is the result:

Another thing I noticed is that GTMetrix is showing that website loads much faster than what it is shown in Webpagetest. Why is this difference occuring?

It looks like a HIT to me. Maybe because you’re looking at First Run results and the cache hadn’t been populated yet.


I see. Do you know why is there such a significant difference between site load speed on GTMetrix and Webpagetest? All the resources are taking more time to download or the TTFB etc.

Different testing parameters and testing server environments are why. See Why is my GTmetrix Performance Score different from PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, and | GTmetrix

Key Takeaway

In general, all tools have differences in hardware, connection speed, locations, screen resolutions, and test methodology.

GTmetrix uses a real browser to load your page with an Unthrottled Connection using our specific hardware and test options. Some of these options (location, connection speed, screen resolution, etc.) can be changed based on your requirements.

WebPageTest also uses a real browser to load your page, albeit with different default test options and configurations. Some of these options can also be changed depending on your requirements.

PageSpeed Insights and launch performance tests using headless/emulated browsers and use network throttling to simulate your page load under different network conditions (i.e., desktop and mobile). You cannot change the test options like location, connection speed, screen resolution, etc.

Moreover, the Google tools (PageSpeed Insights and use Lantern , which results in significantly different page loading behaviours, yielding different Performance scores and test results.

Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information.
Do you think that now my website is loading fast enough?

Note: It is on a Hostinger shared hosting space.

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