Cache HIT response with no "age" header very slow


I’m running into an odd caching issue. On random page loads, some of my resources will display the cf-cache-status: HIT header but no age header. When this happens, the load takes a long time, between 1 to 2 seconds.

This is for static assets, images, fonts, JS, CSS, etc.

I refresh a few times, and it will show me the proper 'cf-cache-status: HITheader with anage: 238923` header showing the file has been in the cache for a while. It loads with the proper speeds in this case.

Refresh a few times again, and it will once more show a slow HIT with no age header and become slow again. Seems very inconsistent, and I can’t seem to narrow it down.

Seems internal to Cloudflare because I don’t see any requests to the origin in these cases.

Would appreciate any insight

What is your backend?

I actually found out the issue was “Tiered Caching” I had it enabled, and the second I disabled it everything was acting normal. The backend was a serverless nuxt app, but the origin never got requested after the initial cache, the delay was internal to Cloudflare.

But ya Tiered Caching was the culprit in this case.

We also see higher cache hit rates, but the TTFB is often above 1 second for tiered cache request :confused: this should be mentioned somewhere… we have a single origin in Germany, but need to server customers worldwide. Sometimes it might be faster to ask the origin directly, than to ask a Cloudflare datacenter at the other side of the world.


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