Cache Hit Rate

Hi my site is getting very low cache hit rate (like 30%-40%, sometimes 50%). Its a new site (im not even finished yet) but I have been visiting my site to create traffic and see what kind of hit rates I get. Am I doing something wrong? Why are the rates so low ? My site is If anyone can help that would be great.

Cloudflare doesn’t Cache immediately. It needs servers requests until static content is cached. Depending on your plan level it could take a few days.

Also note that this is a pull cache. Files are only cached on edges when they are frequently accessed. So it’s possible that you see hits from the US but a visitor from elsewhere doesn’t get a HIT because content wasn’t accessed often (enough).

Hi Mark. Thanks for the response back. But Cloudflare has been active for like 2 weeks now. Do you the know it matters whether site is www or non-www

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