Cache Hit Rate Confusion

Hi. When I look at my website under the developer tools I see CF-Cache-Status: HIT
Which is great! I am seeing a lot of this on my webpage. Like 90% of the page. It would seem my site is caching well.

But on the Cloudflare website it is stating my hit rate is only like 30-40%. So, what gives?
Why is Cloudflare telling me my hit rate is so low, but when I use Chrome or Firefox to look up my website page I see like 90% Cache hit rate. Not sure why Cloudflare is not picking it up or is my site really not caching well ? But why are the browsers saying CF Cache Status: HIT so many times.

My website is:

This is usually because your site is getting hits from all over, but you’re only checking from your local Cloudflare datacenter.

The Cloudflare cache is not shared across the entire Cloudflare network. Every regional datacenter is its own cache entity. And even within a datacenter, each edge server is a separate cache.

Hi. I am still developing my site and don’t think anyone else is visiting my site. I do go on Pingdom to test the site and check test from different places. But not sure what is wrong. Should I just disregard the Cloudflare analytics and just go with the browser data as it shows most of my requests are being “HIT”

I bet there are bots crawling your site. If you check your server logs, you’re going to see some traffic.

The Cloudflare analytics are pretty spot on, but the ultimate goal is visitor performance, which you’ll get a better feel for once your site is live.

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