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I run a membership website. This means restricted content is purchased in my site through Woocommerce. My website grants different page access to different “roles” so my main concern with CloudFlare Caching is that I somehow make a missconfiguration and restricted content ends up visible to everybody

Please advice in case specific settings are needed

Thank you very much!


Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default, so privileged text and pages won’t be cached and viewable by unprivileged users.

Never fear…with some misguided effort, one can override these safeguards and shoot themself in the foot with a poorly configured Cache Everything Page Rule. Don’t be that person.

Hi there"

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. However, I don´t know if I fully understand your message.
Do you mean to say that I do not need to configure tabs like Rules, Access, Pages, Firewall, etc? that I see in CloudFlare??

Sorry for the confusion and thank you again.

P.S. (this I asked in another ticket) but my question is how can it be possible that in Developement Mode my site loads more heavily than when it is set to OFF
Setting Development mode to ON: it can take 9,75s to load, while setting it to OFF,(whicn I understand that Cloudflare is active) it can take 6,75.

Please clarify

Again thank you so much!


Default settings are a great, safe place to start.

Understood. :wink:

Thank you again!

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