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I’m using Cloudflare cache-everything rule on my Wordpress blog. And I blocked all ip addresses without Cloudflare to access 80/443 ports. My questions is that,

Should I use additional cache plugin for Wordpress side? Otherwise, Cloudflare’s cache-everything rule is enough for performance and security?

It helps to add a caching plugin on Wordpress. This will generate an HTML page that’s quicker to deliver. That plugin will re-generate the page any time you update content.

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Which one do you recommend for Nginx?

  • W3TC plugin (Disk cache) + CF Cache everything rule?


  • Fastcgi cache + Nginx Helper plugin + CF plugin that works with CF cache everything rule?


  • CF plugin only that works with CF cache-everything rule?

W3TC is sufficient. It will generate the static pages, and Cloudflare will handle the rest.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: I understand clearly.


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