Cache Everything Rule


I tried Cache Everything Rule, then I remove it, but now still all of the requested made to my website, going through the Cloudflare IP ranges. Before all request was made by visitor IP, How to fix that?


You need to restore Visitor IPs when using the CF DNS/Proxied Records. Having cache enabled or not is not a factor in that. There’s a generic guide here: Restoring original visitor IPs · Cloudflare Support docs, the “CF-Connecting-IP” header contains the visitors IP.

Or, you could disable Proxy/go DNS-Only :grey: on the specific DNS Record, but you would lose Cloudflare’s WAF/DDoS Protection/Caching/etc.

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Thanks for your reply.

I already spoke with my hosting if they can do whatever is needed to fix this, but I realy don’t get how that works before and now not, I not change anything except this option “Cache everything” and because I saw that it begun use only Cloudflare IP’s for any request, I stop this “Cache everything”, but not get back to normal…