Cache Everything Rule and Google Auto/Manual Ads Compatibility


I was wondering if the cache everything rule will have a negative impact on ad revenue from Google Adsense auto ads and code I manually implemented?

Auto ads just injects the code via Google Site Kit plugin, so will that be compatible?

The one I am most concerned about is the code I place manually. Since the ad will populate a few seconds after a user hits the page would the cached version of that page have blank ads?

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Typically, Google Ads (as well as other ad solutions) will count on JavaScript to perform its magic. Cache Everything should not normally interfere with that, as all HTML pages should contain the inlined JS code that invokes the ads. Ads then are fetched from the ad provider (hence, “the ad will populate a few seconds after…” )

The only way Cache Everything would interfere in your ads would be if you use PHP or some other server-side solution at your server to decide, for instance, which ads to insert. In that case, whatever HTML was generated by the PHP engine in the first visit would be cached and served to subsequent visitors, until the cache expires and a new HTML page is fetched from your origin.

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Ahh that explains why my manually inserted, server-side ads werent populating.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

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