Cache Everything relationship with query string

When I create a page rule, I can choose Cache Level with 5 options:
No Query String
Ignore Query String
Cache Everything

I’m choosing Cache Everything, but’s it’s unclear to me what this will mean in regards to how query strings are dealt with. Does Cache Everything deal with query strings in the “Standard” way - everything is cached and any difference in query string will mean different Cache key? Or does it “ignore query strings”?

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answer is it won’t igonre query.
you can read here.


Good to know. I guess it makes sense that it would do it in the “Standard” way, as the others are implied as Non-Standard.

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Technically on the Enterprise plan you can use a custom cache key to ignore the query string, but for non-ENT plans you’re correct each query string would result in a unique object being cached i believe.

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