Cache Everything Redirecting Desktop Traffic to AMP Pages

A month or so ago I setup cache everything page rules on my website ( However, since doing so maybe once a week or some or all of the pages on my site included desktop traffic will get redirected to my AMP pages (/amp).

I can correct this by clearly the Cloudflare cache but over time it comes back again.

For AMP I am using the AMPforWP plugin.

Is there an additional page rule I should be using to stop this happening?



That would suggest your server sends at some point such a redirect which then gets cached by Cloudflare (possibly also just a JavaScript redirect).

Either you disable Cache Everything or your remove that redirect.

Is there a way to stop Cloudflare caching 301 redirects?

You’d need a page rule for that, but that would apply to regular responses as well. A 301 typically is a rather definitive statement and will also get cached by browsers. You best don’t send one if you are not sure.

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