Cache Everything Problem

I enabled cache everything.
when IP changes, then cache everything doesn’t work.
It seems that it cache everything but for IPs.
If IP change, then all the requests forwards to origin.

Is there anyway to cache everything even if IP changes ?

Which IP is changing?

Cache Everything is just what gets saved by servers at the local datacenter. Cache isn’t shared between edge servers or datacenters, so it often takes multiple hits for all servers to load the cache.


I make a request. The first time it will be responded by the origin Web server.(IIS access log)
Then Second time I make that request, It will be responded by the Cloudflare.(no log on IIS aceess log)

but If i change my IP, For example using a VPN, then It doesn’t hit by Cloud,It will be responded by the origin Web Server like First time. same story goes for second request(while using VPN) and It will be responded by the Cloudflare.

From each country, MISS to HIT process may happen. This is completely normal.

When we use VPN, it changes Country IP and that happens.


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