Cache Everything (Page Rules Deprecated)

Page rules will be deprecated 07/2024. Which rules should I use to “cache everything”? I did not find any tutorial about this. I’m considering using cache rules.

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Hi @user4747 ,

I currently use cache rules instead of Page Rules (important: this product is deprecated, read more here

Do you just want to cache everything? Only suitable for static content. Or do you have dynamic content that is displayed to customers? For example special pricing or regular stock updates if it is ecommerce.

Could you put a screenshot of your current page rule/s?


I use wordpress elementor and I want to cache everything (except elementor plugins)
the pagerules before were:


Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Apps, Disable Performance


Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Apps, Disable Performance*
Cache Level: Cache Everything

I’m not sure why you would want Elementor not cached as I understand that to be a page builder and potentially you would want that cached if it is static content as it would speed your site up if it was.

Assuming that all request paths for Elementor include in the path ‘elementor’ I would set it up with the following.

Rules must be in order:

Rule 1: Exclude Elementor

Rule 2: Cache Everything (Caching everything to 1 month, adjust as you wish how often content would need to be updated)

Let me know if it works or provide website so I can see the requests.


Thank you, Ollie,
did an update of elementor. Now I use cache everything for Hope that works, could you check the requests?

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Hi @user4747 ,

Yes, that’s all working; the site is being delivered by Cloudflare cache.

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Hi Oliver got some strange link errors and saving pages. So I decided to make the following entries. But same link issues, also with saving in Elementor. Do you have any idea?

You have two entries set as URI path when they are a combination of URI path / and query parameters ?parameters. You will need to make corrections accordingly.

thx you mean like this. But Elementor is still not saving…

wie page rules never had problems

I dont see anything wrong with the elementor line, but you have two query strings that don’t contain a query string. The ones with PHP filenames are not query strings. The query string begins after a question mark. The question mark is not part of the query string. The filenames are part of the URI path and should not include the question mark.

Your new match patterns don’t seem to be attempting to duplicate the ones shown in your old page rules. The first one would be a query string that contains elementor_library. The next would be a URI path that contains elementor. The last one would be hostname equals

Is there a reason for so many additional matches in the new rule? I find that limiting the match criteria to only what is necessary helps make things easier by keeping them as simple as possible.

changed it but editor does not open: Log In ‹ flowdit — WordPress

But in Cache Rule it is defined, turning cache rules of it works

As i said no saving possible. Also some javasccripts broken. With the old we never had such issues.