Cache Everything Page Rule for Membership Site

We are on a free plan. We have a membership site and we are looking at ways of speeding up the page load times while still being able to delete cache from our website cache plugin when new content is pushed out.

  1. So are page rules the only way of achieving this?
  2. We also want to make sure that logged in users are not getting outdated content.

Considering the above what would be the best settings for the page rule for cache everything?

You can’t use Cloudflare Cache for logged in users. So don’t use a Page Rule to cache everything.

You’d have to use a Worker to manage the Cloudflare cache so it doesn’t cache logged in user content, but it’s a fairly involved process.

Thanks for speedy reply.

Just to clarify we DON’T want to have any logged in user content cached.

Considering the above, what is the best practice to improve performance? Any essential Page Rules we must apply?

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Right…that’s the problem. If you’ve set Cache Everything, and the cache is empty: A logged in visitor hits a bunch of pages, and now Cloudflare will cache that. The the next visitors will see the same thing as the logged in visitor.

The key is to bypass cache when a login cookie is set. Business/Enterprise plans can do that. Otherwise, you’ll have to do that with Workers.

Beyond that, it’s the same advice for any site on Cloudflare: Default values are pretty good. You can try Rocket Loader. It’s compatible with most sites. If it’s WordPress, you’ll get good performance gains from a good caching plugin.

Thank you so much for your quick advise. The website is

I think we have Rocket Loader on. I will also learn more about worker and see if I can use it since I am not a developer and don’t know what affects it will have on the overall site.

There is also a default cache that was automatically configured for 4 hours. Not sure if that is the best recommended setting?

What I was trying to achieve is some way Cloudflare can save cached content on its servers until we purge the cache in the website for new content to show i.e. new Companies and blogs.

But I got totally confused about the logged in users warning in one of the articles I was reading. Our logged in users will only see content related to their user profile. So I don’t
understand, if another user logs in, how will they see the user details of the first user?

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Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default, and that’s where all the good stuff is for logged in users. But if you try Cache Everything, like you suggest in your first post, that’s bad for the reasons I outlined in my previous reply.

I will stick with your expert advice on cache everything and stay away from that.

If there are any other page rules we should consider, I would appreciate your recommendation.

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I am still trying to explore ways of speeding up website performance for visitors.

So, should be the ideal
Browser Cache TTL value? The default was set to 4 hours and I increased it to 12 hours because we don’t get updates that often.

So, the question is, if I flush the cache on my cache plugin, will this also get flushed for the users or not? If not, then is there any other way where we can have a longer cache at the visitors/members
end that we can flush when we have an update to also flush the Cloudflare content so the newest content is available to all visitors?



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