Cache Everything only works for a few minutes

I have a static web site. Since nothing changes and I want to minimize traffic to the server, I set up a Cache Everything page rule. But it doesn’t do anything. I can tell because I am getting multiple requests in Apache’s access log file from Cloudflare IPs for the same file within a few minutes of each other. Testing it with Cloudflare’s utility will usually start with a miss but then show a hit if I request the file immediately again. So it must be caching for a few minutes anyway.

I only have 2 page rules. The first redirects traffic from no www to www. The second is a Cache everything page rule with an Edge Cache TTL of 1 month. I also added a Cache-Control header that says public, s-maxage=5270400 to Apache’s config, and verified that it’s in all HTTP responses but that has no effect.

I’m not sure what else to try.

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Cloudflare is not a single cache, but dozens of caches distributed around the world. Each cache could have its own copy of a URL, and could generate a separate request to the back-end server if there is a cache miss.

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