Cache everything not working as expected

Cache everything not working at all.
I have a rules

I have a response with a header Cache-Control: public, max-age=604800

I open 1 URL in 3 browsers opera, chrome, firefox

I expect after the first open page was cashed.

But no in each browser I see cf-cache-status: MISS.

First load page in chrome then in some time
open at the same time open in firefox and reload in chrome

see date when both was reopened difference 12 seconds

These two requests has been served from two different POPs.
White background: DME = Moscow-Domodedowo, Russia
Black background: ARN = Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden

So it seems noone has requested this request a long time so Cloudflare did not had it cached in Moscow. If you would have requested it again it would probably be a HIT. Go and test it.


Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, it cashed separately for each browser and location.
For example, if I request this URL by curl the first time:
CF-Cache-Statu = MISS
All next requests will be HIT.

For me, it is a BIG question why options Cache everything NOT cashing everything and for all new users respond page from my server, not from cache.

Thats how a reverse proxy works. The first request is most likely slow. But a first request can also be a HIT if someone requested it before from this POP

So, that is mean all users get get slow static content, because it is cashed after second request for each users separatly:))))
it makes no sense the option called Cache everything, but why why is is not cashed everything?

For example it works normally for *.html it cashed always.

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