Cache Everything Makes Comment and Search Box not Clickable

I need some help, After enabling “cache everything” I noticed my blog comment form and search form are not clickable.

Can you post the URL?

The comment form and search box aren’t functioning.

Try disabling Rocket Loader under “Speed”.

still not working.

I guess i will try to use another comment form. Will try facebook.

Thanks for your assistance.

Are you sure you disabled it? It is still loaded.

Yea, i temporarily disabled it, then made sure it was disabled by checking the html source code (view-source:https://… for the rocket loader scripts) then checked multiple pages and still the problem was there.

I later re-enabled it, Now im trying to embed another comment form

Thats not a Cloudflare issue, its a JavaScript related. Apparently your aec312a131707c5b21cf824d33820087.js script blocks something on the page.

But It works perfectly when i disable Cache everything.

Can you disable it and purge your cache?

Okay. Will do that now.

Cache everything disabled, Cache Purged and forms are working perfectly

I am afraid not for me.

Yes, u may be right. I might have tested it too early. I noticed wen the page loads completely the error still persists.

I guess it not Cloudflare then.

Let me disable rocket loader and see.

Thanks. Minify Javascript from CF and WP Rocket + Rocket Loader were the issue

I guess my template has issues with Javascripts minification

Its working now. I will go ahead and enable caching everything now.

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Try using the Autoptimize plugin for minification if you are using Wordpress.


No problem, just make sure to turn off all minification from Cloudflare or any other source and let Autoptimize do it all.