Cache Everything gives a different result when changing the browser or the device

You did an experiment
I visited a page and it started calculating age in the header of the browser
(It is assumed that the page is cached in the cloudflare)

But when you visit the same page from a different browser (for example, a computer or another mobile) there is no age and it begins to calculate a new age (This means that he has fetched the page content again from my server)

How to unify the page so that it appears to all devices and browsers are the same?

What is the use of Cache Everything if the cloudflare wants to fetch the page content every time the browser or device changes :frowning:

Any solutions?

May I ask what is your domain name or URL for an example?

What response do you get for cf-cache-status HTTP header?

And which cache headers have you got setup, either at Cloudflare only, or your origin/host server only, or do you use both in combination?

For what file types (MIME) are you getting different responses?

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