Cache Everything for the entire site Page Rule and Workers

Hello my site is which has lots of optimized pictures and a lot going on on the site, but page speed is an issue.
I am new to Cloudflare and have been setting it up to hopefully increase page speed in the USA, Australia, UK, and South Africa; the places most my customers are in. The host is in UK on Kinsta, I am trying to use a balanced location between all the locations I am trying to serve.
The tour pages get slower the farther away we get from the UK, especially tested in the USA on pages like, which is normal; but I am trying to speed them up.

I have set in page rules: Cache Everything ,
QUESTION: to do the page rule to cache the ENTIRE site, I am typed in as specifically instructed to do by cloudflare support by email. But I have seen mostly people doing on this forum ( leaving out the first ) What is the difference? Which should I do?

The TTL is set for 6 months as my site does not change often, and I can manally purge cache when there are updates.

QUESTION about Cloudflare Workers:
Any suggestions for my type of site, especially the large tour pages with lots going on like

I am told I need to deploy workers to get to it load frorm the Edge etc… but there is so much info I am going through / trying to navigate to do this.

Also, any other suggestions on how best to configure Cloudflare for my type of site would be highly appreciated. Or even speed the site up the better.


You can edit your post and mark as code (</> icon above) the URLs where you inserted *. Otherwise, they get changed to the HTML tag for italics.

The difference is:

** will redirect all URLs on the root domain and any subdomain. will only redirect pages on the root domain (will not for instance redirect from or etc)

Either one will work for both http and https protocols.

You should create specific page rules for any pages that are not static and should not be cached, like your /contact-us/ page and any backend URLs you may have (login, admn etc). These page rules must be placed before the Cache Everything rule.

What about workers? Tryinig to figure out how to best add workers to my site.