Cache Everything for Anonymous Website Visitors

we are working to implement cache everything for anonymous website visitors.

To start, we have set up a Page Rule like this for testing:

Cache Level: Cache Everything,
Edge Cache TTL: 5 minutes,
Bypass Cache on Cookie: DisableCFCache

and within our platform, whenever a website visitor is logged in we also include the cookie DisableCFCache in our response.

This almost works. Unfortunately, once a user is logged in and they visit the page the cached version of the page is displayed. We can use F12 to inspect the cookies and we do see that we have issued the cookie DisableCFCache for our domain but we are seeing the cached version of the page! What is really surprising is that when we press F5 and the page redraws THEN we see the not-cached version of the page. So there’s something really odd going on. Have you ever seen such? Do you have a tip or something we should investigate next?

Try this: DisableCFCache=.*

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eh? What are you saying, Eric? Are you saying that we need to set our cookie value to “.*” or something? Currently it is set to True.

Basically this option matches the regular expression. If you specify .* means that you want to match any characters.

If you set it to True then you need to provide the key=value pair in the option.
The setting would become like this:
Bypass cache on cookie: DisableCFCache=True

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