"Cache Everything" dropped from 80% to 5%


I manage a site which gets about 30,000 page views per day.
For a long time, the site has been configured with “Cache Everything” option with page rules. It has worked very well.

The total cache percentage has usually been between 60-80%.
However, in the past 24 hours, at one point, the caching dropped drastically. It’s now been at 5% cached, even though the number of visitors and page views over the last 24 hours hasn’t changed.

I have turned on/off the page rule, and also added an Edge TTL of 5 days. Still, the cache is stuck at 5% max.

I am using a Wordpress site with Litespeed cache plugin. I am unable to share the url, but would advise some guidance/advice on how get CF to cache again like before.

Many thanks,

Are you able to share the pagerules? Therefore just replace your domain with domain.tld
EdgeCache TTL should be set to as high as possible.
Which Plan are you in? Free, Pro, Bus, Ent?

There could be multiple reasons for:

  • you reached the limit of about 30TB Cache in total
  • there is maybe a Cache shortage and free users Cache get wiped before others if not used for some time
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Hi M4rt1n,
Really appreciate you taking your time out to reply to me.
Good news is that Cloudflare support team was able to help me out via email and the issue has now been resolved.
You were on the right track though - it was indeed to do with Page Rules.

Basically by mistake I had changed a bypass rule for login pages from /wp-admin/* to /wp-*. I am not sure why I had made that change but it basically stopped caching all content within wp-content as well. So none of the theme, plugin, and media assets were caching. Reverting that has fixed the issue.

Thanks again!

Basically also bypassing /wp-content.

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