Cache Everything causing really high CPU

Hello all,

For a website speed, I’ve put the cache everything On, on all the website /* and the website TTL is really quick and pages load really fast it’s cool.

But I have a new strange problem with that, the CPU of my server is abnormally high and I have some error 522 randomly :frowning: and when I turn off the cache everything the CPU get back down as normal.

Is this normal ? do that mean that I cannot use cache everything ? which will be really sad because it put me from 400ms ttl to 20ms.

Thanks a lot

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Hm that’s odd. Are you certain that the high load you’re seeing is from your web server? If so, check your logs to see if there’s anything unusual in there that may explain it.
Normally Cloudflare shouldn’t go to the origin server as much when you’ve set the cache level so high

Thanks a lot I just checked in ssh and it was mysql so I cached my querys with ob_start(); …
By the way now my CPU is back to normal but I still have something strange it’s on my MRTG stats!
The download is low but upload is really abnormally high and I really dont know what can cause that… Any idea ?
Thanks a lot

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