Cache Everything and Cache Label Options in Updated Cloudflare Interface

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I recently noticed that the traditional “Page Rules” section has been deprecated in the Cloudflare dashboard, and I am having trouble locating the “Cache Everything” feature and the cache label options.

Previously, I used Page Rules to set up “Cache Everything” for specific URL patterns, which allowed me to cache all content including HTML. However, with the recent interface updates, I’m unable to find where these settings have moved.

Can someone guide me on the following:

  1. Where can I now find the equivalent settings for “Cache Everything” in the new interface?
  2. What happened to the cache label options, and how can I configure caching rules with the new setup?

Any detailed steps or documentation links would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Look under “Caching” in the dashboard sidebar, then “Cache Rules”, or click this link…

I’ve checked this, before i posted. There is no option to adjust cache label.

Look under “Cache eligibility” and “Cache key” in the Cache Rule.

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@aremon2001 I am having the same issue. Can’t get HTML to cache as it used to with “Cache Everything”. Here is my related post: How to cache HTML with Page Rules going away