Cache everything according to query strings

Hey guys,
How can I cache the same page contents separately, depending on the query strings?


That is the default setting. I am not sure what you are asking.

If it’s the page itself, though, that only happens with Cache Everything, and I don’t know how query strings are handled with Cache Everything.

That actually brings us back to Is it possible to cache static html while ignore query string?

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But I wanted the contrary: caching html content variation as separate entries. Currently there’s no cache hit when I load the URL with query strings.

So you do not want it independent on the query string then?

Basically you want the cache to ignore that. Right? That would the same as aforementioned posting then.

Same as with Standard, one cached file for each query string.

EDIT: The above behavior is only true as far as the HTML proper. It seems that cache-everything inherits whatever your choice is as the general cache level, as far as query string goes, but only for default static files, not for the HTML page itself.

I just tested switching back and forth among No query string, Ignore query string, and Standard, and curiously for the first option the CF-Cache-Status changed from HIT to not having that header at all, for js/css/etc files with a query string.

As for the HTML, it always get a miss whenever I change its query string, no matter what the general Cache Level setting is.

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According to support, I can’t cache content for some of the query strings (such as dl=foo&l=bar) and skip caching when others are present (such as utm_campaign).

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