Cache error

hello I have a problem, 3 weeks ago I used a theme for my site, recently I changed the theme and cleaned the cache and everything, but the same theme keeps loading on the main page. I have reinstalled my wordpress, I have removed and re-added my site in Cloudflare, I have purged cache, and nothing, everything is still the same, I can not solve it, my site is new, but it keeps loading all my old articles and themes that no longer exist

What if you grey-cloud the DNS entry? What do you see then? Wait at least 5 minutes between making the DNS change and actually testing. And when you test, make sure you’re using a browser with no extensions / add-ons that might interfere with how you see the site, and make sure the browser’s cache is clear (or use a private window or whatever). I like to use Tor for testing because I know for sure it doesn’t preserve any cache between sessions.

If you grey-cloud it and you still see an outdated page (after taking the precautions above) then it’s not Cloudflare doing it.

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