Cache error: Not allowed to load local resource showing server path

Checking chrome developer console from my client computer I notice several errors like: Not allowed to load local resource: file:///C:/PublishedApps/BackEnd/wwwroot/webfonts/fa-light-300.woff2 where “C:/PublishedApps/BackEnd” is the server path. The site has been online for several months but I have never had this problem, the thing I don’t understand is why it shows the path of the server. I checked the site deeply (but in any case no changes had been made from some time) to see if it was my problem but nothing. Then I tried to clear the Cloudflare cache and the errors disappeared. What can it be?

It would appear at some point your server returned a response with such a link and that got cached by Cloudflare. Clearing the cache re-requested it upon the next request and now your server seems to return the right link.

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It must certainly be so, also because Cloudflare cannot know the path of my server, unless this returns it. I need to check why the physical path has returned. Thank you

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