Cache edge mp4 files Do they have a limit per account or per file?

Hello, this seems taboo, nowhere says whether there is a limit or not on the use of Edge Cache.

I’m wondering about MP4 files, is there any limit?

Can my account be locked and I get banned?

Are there file size limits?
Is there a limit on views per file?
Are there limits per account?

What happens when the limit is reached?

Can I get banned from Cloudflare without notice?

Does this apply to all account types? Including Free?

Thank you for your attention!

There’s nothing specific, other than “Don’t get pushy.”

Every case is different, and if it looks like the primary purpose of your account is to offer MP4 files, you’re going to hear from Cloudflare. MP4s tend to be pretty big, so it’s not going to take much to draw some attention.

This applies to all accounts. Enterprise users have special contracts that cover expanded requirements.

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Thanks for the answer!

I understand, it’s good that there is this notice from the team, I didn’t know they could get in touch, I thought they would already penalize the account.


As @sdayman said, don’t get pushy. When they get in touch it may not be a polite “do you know you’re flying low”, and could be more “we don’t like your type around here”.

Any form of video is technically forbidden by the terms of service. If it is a small video somewhere on your site it will probably pass under the radar. If you are trying to run a 4K Hollywood streaming site it probably will run directly into the ban hammer.

If this is a commercial site, use a commercial video delivery solution such as Cloudflare Stream. If your site is very popular, is a video streaming site, has lots of large video files etc. then the same rule applies. If this is a hobby site with as many visitors as my personal sites (nearly one per day!) then it probably does not matter.

Anything from Cloudflare replacing the assets with a message through to booting your account.

Yes, but they are more likely to ask you to leave, and serve a warning message instead of your media assets.


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