Cache don't work

When transfer my domain to Cloudflare first days cache was smooth but didn’t have emails. Then I change something and now have emails but cache don’t work any more.
What did I do wrong? thanks

That first “A” record that’s set to :orange: is actually a subdomain:, much like that CNAME entry for ‘mail’ is actually

So your website, the second “A” record that’s set to :grey: isn’t going through Cloudflare.

Get rid of that first “A” record, and turn the second “A” record to :orange:
Then change the CNAME for ‘mail’ into an “A” record with the 88. IP address and make sure it’s set to :grey:


Thanks a lot, did it as you said and it works. :slight_smile:

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Need your help once again! :frowning:
Cache is working, but mails doesn’t come. What I did wrong this time? Than


Testing the mail server, it’s timing out at the 15 second mark. It responds eventually, but sending servers may be giving up.

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